A Magnetic Review

I read a charming little book the other day. It came to me as a free read actually. And as a free read is supposed to do, it has whetted my greedy reading appetite for more yummy reads from this author.

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
ISBN: 9781419932861

Let Kim Knox take you to another world.

Orlena Sol is not meant to be in her room, naked…with her superior officer.

The crew of the CMC Theseus doesn’t have sex. At least not with each other. But there’s a new hunger in Dareh Andersen and he’s looking at Orlena as if she’s all too edible. He’s ready to fulfill her fantasies, which makes no sense. He’s always wanted anyone but her.

Orlena is convinced there’s more to his sudden interest. She fears his desire is simply a dream, a lie. Something other, something outside and beyond them is at work…but it’s a force she doesn’t want to fight.

For such a short story it has plenty of emotion and steamy hot sex. I loved the interaction between the main characters.

It was magnetic and earns 5 slices from me.



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