It’s Summer

Summer is here.

With our season change, I am having to balance a few new influences in my day. Both my kids are home from school at the moment. I am now bombarded with a ton of new outdoor activities and distractions. I ride my horse every morning when not working and trips to town have multiplied now that the kids find new needs and wants. We now have visits to the water park a couple times a week as well. I won’t try to explain how much grass there is around our place… mowing. Oh, and then we seem to take a trip on the weekend. That is always fun! Can you see where this is going?

Then there are all those animals we have that I enjoy visiting everyday. Feeding the chickens and gathering eggs is especially enjoyable. The goats attract my attention every time  I step out the door. Just throw a bit of grain at them and give them a rub and I’m instantly liked. I haven’t even mentioned all our kitties… kittens and mama cats, all requiring a hefty rub and a hug. When out with the horses, they all get some sort of greeting. What I’m trying to say is, all this takes up a section of time. Time I used to use to write.

There is no mention of our newest family member. A shitz tsu puppy. He is the most charming creature on the planet and potty training is time consuming.

Summer is the time of year we do repairs. Nice weather and time means fix ups. Well my  schedule is now open . That also means another few trips into town for something else.

Well, all these necessities have put a dent in writing time. I’m not fretting over the underwordage I’m incurring. Everybody needs a break and I am certainly numbering myself amongst the needy. This is the first time in my life that I’ve been home during the day with my kids, though. I really like it. My work schedule always prohibited it in the past. I work nights now and am home four days in a row. I feel like I am truly having a summer vacation.

So I don’t really worry about not writing as much as my conservative goals stipulated. I’m going to enjoy my family and our farm and get done what gets done. The summer is a time to enjoy family and frolic and sit back and relax. I intend to do just all that.




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