Sweet as Sin Review

I love to read romances. I suppose you guessed that clearly from the header on this site. Hence my joy in writing them. But I digress. I love to read the stories and worlds created by my contemporaries. The imaginations and skill these women have put me in awe. Inez Kelley is one of those women. Her talent stretches the imagination. Her writing spans fantasy to contemporary with several other genres sprinkled in between.  Every story is a journey.

Her work is always fraught with heartwarming emotion and sprinkled liberally with tantalizing passion. No matter the world, Inez can wrench your heart and make you keep coming back for more. I love that. I want to be moved when I read a love story. I am sappy, so shedding tears will never discourage me from enjoying the story. It makes it that much more interesting.

Ms. Kelley’s latest release is a contemporary romance published by Carina Press called Sweet as Sin.

eISBN: 9781426891168


Carina Press

It is an emotional rollercoaster ride through the lives of John Murphy and and his neighbor Livvy. We watch their relationship grow into an intimate affair. Livvy’s influence over an emotionally scared John as  he faces his own monsters, brings him full circle through his life. Ms. Kelley deftly takes us through his pain and her despair as their relationship grows. We aren’t left to wallow in a pit, though. When we believe all is lost, she pulls us out of the dark to a place where light and joy have a firm grasp. Ms. Kelley lifts us up  with John in the hope and conviction found in a very special person. Livvy is the light that gives John the courage to face his past demons and become the man she knows him to be.

Awesome story. Touching and romantic and I highly recommend it.

Happy reading.



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