Stone Kissed… A Review

I have to tell you, after reading the first few chapters of this book I haven’t looked at statues in the same light ever again. They take on a life of their own now.

Today I’m talking about Keri Stevens’ debut novel. You really have to put this in your TBR pile. This is a delightful paranormal. I am swiftly becoming a multi-genre reader. Believe me, I used to shy away from fantasy or paranormals. Now I wonder what the devil for. They are so interesting and entertaining… including this book.

Delia Forrest has a special gift. She can hear stone statues talk. To make it worse, she talks back to them. She has spent a life  time trying to hide that fact, but everyone already knows she is peculiar and has inherited the family “ability”. She’s a witch.

But Grant Wolverton buys her beloved family home when she has no other recourse. The man ends up owning all her statue friends and stealing her heart in the process.

The delightful romantic journey Ms. Stevens takes us on to find Delia’s one true love is packed with wit and adventure. We sit at the edge of our seats to find out if the sexy hunk, Grant, will come to his senses and do all the right things to win Delia’s devotion.  Of course our hero and heroine have to navigate the obstacles tossed in their way by an evil succubus mascarading as Delia’s cousin.

The result is a charming and entertaining story that will make you smile and look for more books by the witty Keri Stevens.

I give this one five heavenly slices.



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