ROW 80 Update

I am taking up the Round of Words challenge once again. Technically I never really stopped. I have started keeping a daily log and set of goals. At the start of the summer I scaled back my goals due to personal reasons. Amazingly, I found I was trying to sabotage my work by trying to hard. The break gave me perspective and a renewed vigor to my writing.

Last week I wrote about 4K words. I finished the last scene to a short story I started months ago. After a brief edit, I am ready to let it sit for a few weeks before I sub it to a publisher.

I have managed at least one blog posting a week and an average of 500 words a day on whatever story I’m writing. I am satisfied with my progress.

Next week I need to edit a very short story I wish to sub for an anthology. I need to find a critiquer to read it through for me. Then I will muster up the courage to send it off.

I also need to reread the first chapter of my novella to submit to a local contest. Editing the 2nd chapter is order this week. I’ll read it on paper and make some adjustments. This is a revision of the original chapter.

Also in order is working on this blog. I really need to fix the header and organize the content better.

I hope I get at least one blog posted on my regular blog.

That’s it for now.



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