ROW 80 update a day late

Gahh. Yesterday was a bit out of sorts. I had to work unexpectedly and that threw me off just a bit.

Last weeks goals were totally doable, so I completed what I’d set out to do. (happy dance)

I edited the last bit of the cowboy story and formatted it to go the anthology acquisitions person. I’m hesitating sending it.

This week the revision of the first two chapters of Filly goes to the crit partner.

My website requires some serious attention. This week is for that. Man, I hope I get something done. I loathe website maintenance only because I am so miserably ignorant. The banner isn’t even a banner. I must find some stock pics and work on putting a banner together. It’s so frustrating when I have a good idea what my brand is and I can’t pull it together.

Just a mention… the short story dubbed Buried Treasure is still simmering, waiting for its turn to be edited. There is a monster contemporary cowboy bunny rolling around my head that really needs serious plotting as well. All future tasks.

Anyway…. that is all.



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