ROW 80

This week’s update looks  dismal compared to last week’s accomplishments. I wrote a whopping 755 words on a holiday short story. To justify it all, though I worked a 6 day week and managed to keep my head above water at least.

This next week the kids start school and despite another 6 day work week, I intend to log at least 1k into that short and post 2 blogs for which all the pictures are already uploaded. I feel like a wave of organization may have over taken me all of a sudden. I will start editing Buried Treasure this week as well. *Fingers crossed* for accomplishing all this.

Desperately trying to fool my husband into thinking writing isn’t all as important as it really is. He believes it is an obsession. It may be, but the ONLY way to write well is to obsess about it and practice writing your fingers to a nub. I like to call it “saddle time”. Planning on putting a great deal of saddle time this week.

This coming weekend I’m attending a writer’s meeting in Branson, Missouri. It will be great fun and very informative. Can’t wait.

That is all from my camp.




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