Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillps

At the mention of Susan Elizabeth Phillips at our local RWA meeting, I asked my friend who she is. Being relatively new to the romance world, this is a name with which I am unfamiliar. All the ladies chimed in what a fabulous author she is. At that I vowed to read one of her books. Which I did.

I set my teeth into Natural Born Charmer and couldn’t put the thing down. SEP writes the most charming dialog. Her characters have spunk and a life all their own. I absolutely loved reading this book.

Chicago Stars Series Book #7

(William Morrow, February 2007)/Avon, May 2008)
Hardcover: ISBN-10: 0060734574
ISBN-13: 978-0060734572
Mass Market Paperback: ISBN-10: 0060734582
ISBN-13: 978-0060734589
Large Print: ISBN-10: 0061233056
ISBN-13: 978-0061233050

Ms. Phillips has created a world where the heroine has her imperfections making her all that more endearing. I love the way she interacts with the studly hero. She keeps him on his toes where he can take nothing for granted. I love the journey Ms. Phillips takes us on with the main characters as well as the secondary ones. Their lives are masterfully interwoven and emotions so beautifully displayed in all instances. I look for that sort of thing when I read a book. I enjoy the experience of the roller coaster and the resolve of the conflict.

Blue Bailey is a wanderer and on a mission to murder her ex when along happens a greek god in an expensive car. She ends up sticking with him, much against her better judgement, having discovered all her funds have been liquidated. Blue isn’t a mooch, but what choice does a girl have?

Dean Robillard is a star football player on a cross-country trip in the mood for something different in his life. When he finds Blue in a beaver suit walking the road, he’s pretty sure he’s found it.

Throw in painting portraits and a Tennessee farm-house with a gypsy wagon along with a few unexpected family members and you have a real adventure.

Of course this is presented in beautifully written prose. This book, though not a new release is well worth the hunt through the library or a used bookstore.

So that is my take on it. Hope this inspires you to delve into something new.



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