A Change of Pace …. Music

Besides this recently acquired, overwhelming urge to write. A bewitching spell under which I now dwell, I also love, love, love to listen to music. My life has been steeped in music. Until I took up a computer, I used to find myself on my bed with sheets and sheets of music strewn across the cover as I strummed my guitar. (I used to dream of being a famous singer *dreamy eyes*) I lived and breathed music and, my family will confirm, I sang all the time. Tantamount to singing music is listening to music, of course.

Times change as do music trends. I grew up in the 70’s rock era. Awesome sounds. I have weathered the Pop culture of the 80’s and the strange lyrics and sounds of the 90’s alternative trend. Truth be told, I hid from the sounds of the 90’s popular music charts. I didn’t emerge until just about five years ago.

During this dearth of modern hits, I still listened to my all time favorites …. the classics. I thrive on Beethoven and Mozart, Tchaikovsky and Schubert. This is a whole subject unto itself. Point is, I just lost interest in the new stuff.

My newest fave is a wonderful female artist. She goes by Adele. As a writer, I find her lyrics compelling and as a singer, her raspy voice is enthralling. Her hit “Someone Like You” is my newest favorite. I consider a song a winner when it evokes an uncontrollable emotional response in me. Just listen to these lyrics and see how you respond. It makes me cry every time I hear it. I can barely sing along for the darned tears and the way my throat closes up. It’s down right embarrassing in public.

Try this out and enjoy.


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