I Sold A Story!!!

Today I have the distinct privilege and joy of writing about the news I have so longed to announce on my own blog…

I sold a story!….umm. That makes me a published authoress! An achievement to which I have deigned to aspire since the day I realized I was really writing a whole book and perhaps publishing was a worthy goal.

I can’t believe it. I submitted a short love story and the editor liked it. Someone else really liked it. I know I thought it was great, but what does the world care what I think? That story is my baby. I have to love it. Now the world can find out how great it is.

It will appear in  Cleis’s Anthology, Cowboy Love. The story is titled “Caught Unawares” by Nena Clements. I can’t remember the projected release date, but it will be in 2012.

And… I need to thank all the many writerly friends I have come to know this past year who have helped and pushed and bolstered my confidence in this final goal. You rock Rats!!
Nena (legitimate author)


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