Lord of Scroundrels – review

I picked this book up as a freebie several months ago as a freebie for my kindle several months ago. In need of a book to read while at break, I tore into this one. I am fairly new to romance and the wonderful authors writing such amazing stories and this was a find as far as I was concerned. This book was written several years ago, 1994 to be exact.

I loved this book.

As a writer learning to perfect my craft, this book inspired me. I’ve never read Loretta Chase before, but I will now.

The hero is damaged and strong and flawed and yet he can grow and become a better man. He is the sort of man I hope to write as one of my heroes. The heroine is strong and willful. She knows how to make him a better man yet she doesn’t sacrifice any of her integrity or her standards. Great inspiration for a new authoress.

This is a historical set in the Regency era of England. Sebastian Ballister the Marquess of Dain is known throughout society as amoral and callous. Jessica Trent is set on rescuing her nitwit of a brother from Lord Dain’s horrible influences. Little does she realize a passion exists between them that culminates in a compromising position for which Jessica demand’s satisfaction.

Sebastian wants only to put the annoying bluestocking in her place, but when he’s forced to salvage her reputation he finds keeping aloof and shielding his heart from her many charms more than a man can stand.

You have to read this to experience the twists and turns the author takes on our journey to these two finding true love. This is such a great story and timeless as ever.

I give this one 5 slices from my pie.



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