Spring Fever

I have the fever. Fever to be outside. Fever to never have to go back to the day job (Ha!). Fever to write the greatest book ever!

I am currently participating in Romance Divas‘ Mentorship program. These ladies and gents are awesome. Once a year they give back selflessly to us fledgling writers. All of it is volunteer (accept for a small fee to discourage the not so serious). These ladies and gents give us their all for three months to help us become the authors we intend to be.

We post our progress on the threads in the forum at RD. I am stalking all of them. I have to say I am terribly intimidated by the talent of the apprentices, not to mention the wisdom of their mentors. Besides taking on my own mentor’s assignments, which are awesome by the way, I find myself consumed with doing the assignments of several of the threads! Instead of working on my WIP last weekend, I spent most of the time studying and practicing the art of writing.

Needless to say, the current WIP is way behind on word count. Well next week, after standing over my teenagers with a whip while we do our ‘honey-does’ around the farm, I hope to get cracking at it.

For now, I wanted to do a formal shout out to the Romance Divas for the efforts they expend in nurturing writers.

Thank you all!



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