Just Writing

I have been so out of it lately. I hate when my mood dictates the way I write. It’s as if my conscious brain can’t even over ride the insensible reasoning of emotion. I am a writer and if I ever want to sell anything I have to write the darned thing. This past week progress is being made. Plotting for this mishap of a novel is finally taking shape for the last of the story. I usually plot everything before I start writing, but this one is entirely a pantsing operation.

As a new writer, shouldn’t I try all sorts of methods of writing? How else will I find my little niche? Finding the balance between and family and farm life and this thing I do not call a hobby is challenge enough without figuring out my comfort zone within it all. O well. This is a process in and of itself.

This week I polish a synopsis for a Harlequin submission and get it out the door by the week end. See! I am making some progress in trying to get a book published.

I wish all my writer friends best wishes on their work this week. We can all use a pat on the back and a gentle nudge from a good friend!



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