Ozarks Romance Authors Conference

I spent all Saturday June 23 in Springfield, Mo. This may not be a glamorous city or a mecca for the rich and famous, but I used to live here and it was coming home for me. Better yet, it hosts a number of very talented romance authors right here in the Midwest. I love the wealth of its writers. The romance authors of Springfield put on a small conference with a big city punch.

The opening workshop was hosted by Leigh Michaels and a friend of hers, Linda Gale. They spoke about the trend to Indie publishing markets. Excellent brief run down from start to finish using the electronic publishing venues.

Linda Gale is a self pubbed author who works with Leigh. Leigh, after several years in the NY market, has begun self pubbing new works as well as putting some of the many old titles into the electronic market. I really gleaned a ton of information from this talk.

Jennifer Brown gave us an emotional rescue.

Jennifer is a Missouri native who writes humor but has published two heavy emotional YA books: Hate List and Bitter End. She reminded us to not show up in the MS and gave is pointers on all the emotions and how to get them to shine. I can’t believe how many notes I took for both of these first two workshops. Treasures I tell you.

Steven Law is also a Missouri native with his feet in the publishing industry but he spoke to us about the marketing of his newly published book: Yuma Gold.

He launched a book signing tour for this western because it is only in print format, not in ebook. Westerns are marketed to a different audience than romances. He was very enlightening. He uses QR codes to help sell copies, placing them on posters and book marks. Really innovative if you ask me.

Lucienne Diver of the Knight Agency and Cori Deyoe of 3 Seas Literary did a panel for us with their authors… not very often this happens at a conference. Rob Thurman works with Lucienne and Jennifer works with Cori. They answered inquiries about the agent/author relationship.

Later that afternoon all our speakers fielded questions from the crowd concerning all areas of the publishing industry.

All in all a very informative and enjoyable time. I met some wonderful, interesting people here. That is always the best part of these events.

Contest Results!!

Maggie’s Find made 2nd place in the Weta Nichols Writing Contest. I am proud of this little accomplishment. Now to finish the book.



3 thoughts on “Ozarks Romance Authors Conference

  1. Hi Nena. Enjoyed your write-up and report on the conference. One slight correction, my books are all available in eBook format. Not sure how that misunderstanding took root, but a point I did try to make is that the traditional Western reader is not an eBook customer. This is why I hit the pavement with a tour. But my tour was a blend of person-to-person interaction and social media, which led to both print and eBook sales.

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