Magic Mike Birthday Blast

That is some gorgeous man flesh staring you in the face.

My birthday was a few days ago and my dear friend Voirey Linger took me to see Magic Mike on my birthday!! It was the nicest birthday, I tell you. This movie has to be viewed with your girl friends, because too much hooting and hollering will ensue. And any other family members will only be embarrassed by your tawdry and loud behavior.  Only your best friends will understand the attraction.

The theater was filled with nothing but women… oh wait! One fellow braved the rowdy crowd with his girl. No doubt that man was aptly rewarded.

Oh it’s rainin’ men!!

There is an abundance of washboard abs and smokey looks, not to mention bare asses and… some other unmentionables.

Matthew McConaughey is sexy and funny and … did I say sexy? Gorgeous.

This movie feeds every woman’s fantasy and more. Even better, it has a great plot. So ladies, it isn’t just an hour and a half of lust inducing man-flesh. A real story lurks behind it all. Just in case you might need some form of justification to see this movie.

And Channing Tatum is charming….

And I certainly don’t want to over look the stunning, yet young, Alex Pettyfer (for my girls enamored with this hunk of yum.)

Amazing moves and stunning routines do everything to show off every desirable attribute females seek in their man.

Have a blast when you see this.



One thought on “Magic Mike Birthday Blast



    I had a blast, Nena. MM was definitely a good story, nothing like I expected from the trailer, and worth watching for more that just the man-candy.

    I’d happily let Joe Mag-whatever come do a little dance for me for my birfday. Just sayin’.

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