Today is Cowboy Lust Release Day!!

Today I become an officially published author. My story “Caught Unawares” starts on page 144 of the book Cowboy Lust, a Cleis anthology.

This story is all about getting wet. How can a hot cowboy resist a beautiful girl as she comes out of a pond? You can find out how Reece reacts when he sees Lacy drenched.

Amazon Barnes and Nobles Books-a-Million The Book Depository Indybound

I can’t leave off without an excerpt:

“I was after honey in that bee hive in the big oak. I can’t very well climb in a dress. I just dipped a finger in when they swarmed on me.” She swatted at the air around her head. “Can’t you see them?”

Come to think of it, there were a few bees buzzing close by.

“So a dip in the pond should scare them away. I get it. C’mon out, Lacy. You’re safe now.” Reece stepped closer to the edge and extended his arm.

“I can climb out on my own.”

Hitching her breeches to her waist, she slogged to the shore. Mere steps away she sank over her head. Could have been a hole, but Reece wasn’t taking any chances. Muscles tensed, he dove, boots and all, into the water.

Reece surfaced with Lacy, his hands circling her small waist. Her body was way too close. Her round doe eyes peered back at him as he found his footing on the slippery pond bottom.

Lacy sputtered and wriggled as she surfaced. Reece realized the less than appropriated placement of his hand, yet entirely desirable. In the ensuing struggle the palm of his hand slipped over the outer edge of her left breast. If the sight of her hadn’t sent him over the edge, that simple touch did. His cock became ram-rod hard.

Thing was, he couldn’t move his hand right away. She was suspended in the water, feet dangling by his knees, and shifting her would press all those luscious curves against his chest and groin. Lord knows he didn’t need her bumping up against that. Damn. Not now.

Her body softened in his hands. Doe eyes met his gaze and her small hands grappled for his arms as a weighted hush stretched between them. He saw a rosy flush cover her sun-kissed cheeks, but it could’ve been the dunking.

“Are you all right?” Reece needed to break the tension.

“I will be when you put me down.” A deeper shade of red infused her cheeks.

“Promise you won’t drown?” He lowered her feet to the bottom and slid his hand past the sensuous curve of her breast. Watchful for any reaction, Lacy thinned those full lips of hers and cocked a brow at him.

Setting her deeper in the water didn’t improve his predicament. The loose tails of her shirt floated up and the buttons at the top opened to reveal the thin fabric of her chemise as it caressed her tantalizing cleavage. His eye roved over every inch of her. Her lush form set a fire loose inside him.

Hope you enjoy the enticement.




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