Never Stay Past Midnight – review

So this is what my blog looks like!!!

I’ve spent so little time here lately I almost forgot it’s location. Though, this is nothing in comparison to my regular name blog. Shame compels me to post… that and a wonderful book I read by an awesome author.

Never Stay Past Midnight by the New York Times award winning author Mira Lyn Kelly is a sexy, tender, romantic read from Harlequin Presents.

Ms Kelly writes so poignantly and pulls the reader so completely into the story one can’t help but become enthralled with her characters.

Levi is the sort of man who believes he can’t commit to anyone, but it takes knowing the right woman in Elise to show him how wrong he is. Levi is a self made man, starting up businesses in one place and leaving to start up another somewhere else. He attaches himself to nothing and no one.

Elise is focused on making a go of her own yoga studio, working like a dog to meet that reality. Her life is grounded in the place where she lives, her family and her work. Yet these two develop a relationship despite knowing all the stipulations of no attachments.

The strength we see in Elise is inspiring and the compassion of Levi makes the reader swoon along with our heroine. The flaws and foibles of the characters are so well written and interspersed strategically throughout the story and the emotions so well depicted the reader is pulled right in.

Ms Kelly immerses her characters into a genuine love affair so seamlessly that it isn’t until Elise discloses her love for Levi that realizes how far he’s fallen. He, in turn, runs away until he realizes life without this beautiful woman isn’t life at all. I love stories like this.

Thank you Mira for giving us such touching stories to cherish.



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