Wild At Heart

Today I would like to feature a project that is close to my heart. The writer’s group I belong to is a chapter of Romance Writer’s of America called the Diamond State Romance Author’s. We are in Arknansas, hence the title Diamond State. We undertook a unique project benefiting a local wild life refuge in our state.

It is an anthology comprised of several stories written by different authors. Each story involves an animal like one of those found the refuge. Tigers and lions, cougars… other dangerous things. Let the stories carry you away. What makes the whole project worth all the effort is the proceeds benefit the Turpentine Animal Refuge. They care for several large cats and are dependent on donations outside camp admissions fees and overnight guests.

Volume one is stories for mature audiences. Oh my! you say. Romance? Don’t balk. We may be romance writers, but we can writee stories that aren’t romance. Check them out. They are full of adventure.

The second volume is geared especially to the younger crowd.

It will be released soon.

We are excited to present this special work to the public and provide another quiet means of income for this worthy cause.



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