Real Live Stud

I know this a romance author’s blog, but sometimes I have to diversify and give you just a little bit of my real life. I love western anythings and part of that comes from the fact we raise horses on our little spread.

Our newest addition is a little stud colt we affectionately named after my father. My dad was a fighter pilot who passed away year before last and we couldn’t find a better way to honor him than making a name sake out of the astounding little horse.

We call him Colonel Frank.

And he really likes to run… a lot. Which is what he is bred for. Hopefully he can run as fast as my dad could fly.

By the way, that is his mama with him. She is one outstanding mare. She is so good for that little fellow.

Well, I hope this is as much inspiration for you as it is for me. Every time I want to write a western, I take a good look at the horse outside and picture him on the western plains with a real stud riding him.



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