Voirey Linger has a New Release!

Today I have the distinct pleasure of welcoming a friend of mine to the blog.
Voirey Linger has released the third book in her Angel series and she graciously agreed to come over and answer some questions.

This is the third book in your Angel series. Can you tell us how you decided on a three book series? How did the characters come to you and which ones were the most difficult/easy to write?

Originally, I hadn’t planned three. I was perfectly happy giving Dom and Maggie a happily-ever-after in Risking Eternity and walking away from the angels. But a funny thing happened in that first book. Dom did something he wasn’t supposed to do.

He kissed Ren.

There was an amazing amount of steam between those two characters, but I knew Ren and Dom were not a combination that would work romantically, so despite the chemistry, giving them any kind of a relationship was never something I considered.

My friends didn’t care about that, though. They were nagging me for a romance for Ren, and in my head, Ren was confused and lonely. I can ignore nagging friends, but a character in distress needs a story. next thing I know, Forsaking Eternity was written, and I was sure THAT would be the last book.

Except, then the demon, Meela, showed me a chink in her armor. She was tortured by her existence, full of anger and resentment toward everyone she could blame in any small way for her fall from grace. She was in distress and she needed a story, too. Embracing Eternity was born and as far as i can tell, it is bringing the series to a close.

I would love to know what influences in your life brought you to write romance?

I’ve always loved reading, and always loved stories with happy endings. I was one of those kids with a hard childhood, and happy books took away everything that made life unhappy for me. I remember ‘teen’ romances then, stories nothing like today’s YA. They were innocent, wholesome boy-kisses-girl tales and I loved them.

By the time I found adult romance, I knew I wanted to be the one writing these stories, giving other people an escape, a fantasy to distract them from real life. I knew by the time I was 14 that I wanted to be a romance novelist.

Who is your favorite author and how do they influence your writing?

I have a lot of favorites. LaVyrle Spencer taught me the importance of sinking into a moment, holding on to it. Angela Knight taught me just the opposite, how to push the pacing when it’s needed, to keep things tight and moving so the story can be told. Another pair of opposites are Kate Pearce and Lora Leigh. Kate’s work has a sexy elegance to it, very sensual and graphic, but there is an underlying lady-like quality to it. Lora Leigh is flat-out raunchy, it’s sexy and rough. I try to bring a combination of that rawness and still keep it elegant.

What process was involved in getting Embracing Eternity published?

Because I am an in-house author for Ellora’s Cave, and because this was the third in an established series, the process was a little bit different than an average slushpile sub. The first thing I did was let my editor know I had the third angel book. Publishers often have specific ways they handle series, so I wanted to be sure I knew what to do. We discussed title and a series name, and had those determined and approved before I officially submitted the book.

After that it was much like any other books. I sent my editor an official query letter, synopsis and manuscript. She read it, recommended the publisher acquire it, and once the company approved it, I was offered a contract. I got edits, a cover, and eventually, a release date.

This book was one of my hardest to write. Meela and Evan are both very stubborn characters, which made them hard for me to work with. In addition, I moved during edits, had several minor family crises and a major one. I’m very thankful for an understanding and patient editor. She allowed me leeway to work and deal with life.

In the end, I think the time, effort and unexpected side trips were worth it. I really like how the series came together, even though none of it was planned.

Evangelos has loved Philomela since before time began. He’s dreamed of having her in his arms and his bed. But she never once looked his way. Instead, she chose a Fall that transformed her into a monstrous creature. He never forgot the one he loved, and he’s determined to bring her back home.

Cut off from the power that fed them, Meela and the other Fallen angels became demons, thriving on vice and preying on Creation. Hell holds too much pain and Meela wants nothing more than to give in to the temptation Evan offers. But a demon has no place in the arms of an angel.

Meela knows Evan’s determination to save her will be his downfall, because Lucifer wants to feast on the power of angels, and she’s the perfect bait.

A Romantica® erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

This book is really a beautiful conclusion to the series. I recommend it to all of you romantics who love sensual love scenes and redemptions that break the bonds of earth.



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