Happy New Year!

Whew! It took me long enough to get here with this post for the new year.

This is the first chance I’ve taken away from all my other New Year’s commitments. Blogging is a priority, but I have to say, the taxes and house take precedence over this wonderful little blog. All the tax info is entered into spreadsheets awaiting the arrival of the W-2’s. The best part of the New Year… I just had a week’s vacation and spent it organizing the kitchen.

After eight years I finally decided to get rid of some furniture and do what is so appropriately called “minimizing”. My daughter was over joyed at the decision, one she has pestered me about for the past couple years. I am so proud of the results. The encouragement of so much order makes me hopeful the following months of my writing will reflect that sort of dedication to organization.

This year I have a 100k contemporary set in a small town of the Midwest I want to finish before the end of July. Then edit it by September or October. I have to rework Maggie’s Find to put her back on the market and I have 3 shorter stories to re-edit and shop them around. For me, this is a full load.

Unfortunately, this bend on neatness and organization does not extend to my desk area. I ran out of steam before I made it to the office area (only inches from where I stopped, mind you). And working one extra day on my first week back to work will give me absolutely no time to give it any attention.  I’ll have to fit it in the next couple of weeks. Lordy, I hope that works.

This would be a dream office for me.

I want to wish all my writer friends a very prosperous and full New Year. I pray you make all your goals and that your families stay healthy and happy and may goodness and peace smile on you. I know you have resolutions, but don’t let a little slip discourage you. We are all trying to juggle fifty things at once. We must allow ourselves some leeway.

Have an awesome New Year!!



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