Progress Report

I’ve decided my Monday’s will have to be the days I post something of my progress in the projects underway. This is my attempt to get into a regular blogging habit, something I have neglected horribly over the last year.

This year is the year to learn my craft with vehemence.

The third week of the Scrivener class is completed and all the assignments completed. This is Gwen Hernandez’s Scrivener class. One more week and we’ll be finished. The exercises are enlightening and I’ve used everything. I recommend this course for any serious writer.

The progress on the mentor apprenticeship is the first chapter is sent to my mentor and awaiting her evaluation. Special attention is to made on deep POV, as this is a very weak area of my writing. I am now plotting and writing chapter 2.

Also, I’m starting another class through RWA on building great characters, which I believe is a weakness of mine at the moment. Looking forward to that.

I forgot!! I have edited the New Year’s Eve story to chapter 5. I hope to pitch this story this June.



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