A Little Sizzle and a Little Pop

This week’s shinnagen’ s included dumping a whopping 5000 words from this new little story I’m writing. But… The replacement chapter and a half puts the story on track. I owe this revision to another on line class hosted by Romance Writer’s of America. Seven Steps to Sizzling Sexual Tension by Tracy Wolff.


Somewhere in the class Tracy asked what were the stakes for my H/h and I had to sit down and write them down. I must remind you I had filled out an excessive character sheet the week before for each person, so I really got to know them pretty well.  After looking at what was at stake I knew the first chapter had to be in his POV and from there the whole plot fell right in place. If only I could type as fast as my brain thinks.  Now I just have to get it all down.

Furthermore, I see all the tension build from that first meeting.

The first class talks about 12 steps to physical intimacy as a part of reaching good chemistry between our h/h. We all know these by instinct, but I had never seen them written out in plain sight.

1)eye to body
2) eye to eye
3) voice to voice
4) hand to hand
5) arm to shoulder
6) arm to waist
7) mouth to mouth
8) hand to head
9) hand to body
10) mouth to breast
11) hand to genitals, and
12) genitals to genitals or mouth to genitals.

Now I know the proper order, you can mess with those people in my head and ramp up the tension by breaking the rules, without being sleazy of course.

This one tool has set me free!!! And I’m going to make their world crazy.

I promise to add to this post with more secrets to sexual tension. Stay tuned.



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