It’s Spring! Time for a Fling!

A fling indeed!

Not the one you’d think though! I’ve been so busy enjoying my family and the outdoors I’ve barely set any words to this new WIP (not that it hasn’t been speaking to me, mind you). I am  a grandmother for the first time and my little darling turned one year this past March. I haven’t seen him since he was four months old. So a weekend trip was in order.


Need I say more?

To say the least, this little guy stole our hearts.

To continue the family trend, my mother came to visit for the three days following the weekend trip. That was wonderful, because she cooked dinner every night AND she brought the food with her. Who can turn down such an offering? She’s making her summer migration to the north and cleaned out her fridge in the process. Last week was heaven.

After a particularly strange winter fraught with weather ups and downs and, thankfully, frequent intermittent rains we finally had a weekend to work in the yard. I must note we have a LARGE yard. So, after a cold, wet winter we leaped to the task of mowing and disking and planting.

We have a large place here and put in a garden every year, a small one. The deer have made my garden their dinner table the past four years. I cannot tell you how frustrating that is. We have devised ways to keep them out of the tomatoes, but the beans and cucumbers and spinach and anything in a row have been fair game.

This year I thought I’d try a raised garden as an alternative to the deer decimation problem. Much to my surprise, we had just the thing on our farm to use as a raised bed. Trusses! They have been sitting here for a few years and make the perfect raised garden.

They went from this…


To this….


I may not be sitting at my computer, but this is just as much fun. Granted, I paid for the work in spades later that day, but it was all worth it.

I love spring.



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