Revisit a Hobby

As a writer, I find my regular life inspires and fuels my writing life. If things aren’t flowing in real life, how can I expect a story to flow and the words to take on meaning? One of the many ways I use to keep brain cells alive is horseback riding. I didn’t ride last year (a crying shame), just because a schedule change had me scrambling to find time to just write.

This year my son asked me to teach him how to ride. (I almost fell over.) None of the kids have wanted to ride. Granted, the first riding horse I had was a 16 hand giant and cantankerous as ever. I was the only one experienced enough to brave his antics.

This little girl, though, is a gem. Naomi is a 14 hand Quarter horse of indeterminate age (around 18 now we think). I found her by accident. The only way I seem to find things of great value.


A girl at the feed store was looking for someone to buy a horse she had rescued. Naomi was on the way to the sale barn that weekend. For and easy $350 my husband took ownership. She was very ribby, but not dying or sickly in the least. The girl promised she had looked worse weeks ago. No matter. When I got on her she performed beautifully and didn’t balk in the least.

Today she is an invaluable “kid-broke” mount. After a year and a half of being left to her own devices, she is calm and attentive. I love her. My son hasn’t had an issue with her either. Thank goodness.

She doesn’t have the flawless conformation of our thoroughbreds, but she has a beautiful heart. Riding makes my brain relax and my imagination take flight.

I hope you have as freeing a release as I. I’d love to hear from you. Tell me all about your method of relaxation.



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