Taking the Reins Takes Me to a Happy Place

I just finished Taking the Reins by Kat Murray. I am a western girl and this book meets all the standards for a western read. To top it off, it is  winner of a book.

Barnes and Noble

I bought the book when Barnes and Nobles ran it at a discount, but even at full price I think the story is a winner and well worth the expense.

Peyton Muldoon is keeping her ranch together by the skin of her teeth. She fires the cheat of a trainer her mother was sleeping with before she died, but needs a new trainer in a bad way to give the ranch the credibility it needs. Redford Callahan is the answer to her prayers, in more ways than one, but she’ll never admit that.

The attraction between the two is undeniable, but Peyton is hell-bent on making the ranch productive without falling into her mother’s footsteps. Red will put the place on the map, his reputation precedes him as a top rated cowhorse trainer. Who can fight nature though? When Red kisses her, she’s a goner and her high road ethics fly out the window.

I love the way the characters play off each other and the sassy easy banter in all of the dialogue. The story line is light and breezy with enough sexual tension on every page to keep you turning the pages to find out what happens next. Kat writes a great book. Her story is believable and the characters are believable and easy to like. What’s not to like about a great looking cowboy with manners and heaps of character?

This is a five-star summer read. Enjoy!!

Thanks for the book Kat!



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