The Power of Words

As a writer, I notice the use of words… in everything. Commercials, bill boards, work, books especially, nothing is outside of my pervue. Though I could take a whole blog to complain about the language used in commercials alone, today I want to talk about lyrics.

I love music and the words those notes travel over can be so moving and imaginative. I wish to God I could put words together like that. This isn’t a new obsession by any means. I have always been fascinated by song lyrics. I used to sing… all the time… and words to the songs made me want to sing the song.

Lately lyrics have started to capture my attention again. For awhile there I was too engrossed in learning how to write that I stopped listening to songs, only symphonies, movie scores. Last year my daughter started playing the local radio on the radio on the porch. Over the speaker croons Luke Bryan and…
“You’ve got your hands up, you’re rocking in my truck. You got the radio on, you’re singing every song. I’m set on cruise control, I’m slowly loosing hold…”

The picture that line evoked sent me right back to my teenage years (awhile ago, mind you). Just those simple words threw me into a world of my happy past, free wheeling and carefree… the college years. I saw myself the center of that boy’s attention, amazement in his eyes, his mouth dropping open. The way every young woman wants to be admired (I think).
I was amazed. I was hooked too.

From there Blake Shelton’s “Over” the very first line is magical!!
“If I could, I would feed your dreams and starve your fears.”
Doesn’t that take you to a place of utterly perfect love? I’m a romance writer and I find the romance in everything. Worse yet, I find the best part of a relationship in everything because you are looking at a hopeless optimist.

If you aren’t too fond of country music, sorry. I live out here and everything in those songs makes perfect sense. I could post a list of them here, but I have mercy on readers.

I’d love to hear what lines evoke an emotion or a memory for you. Put it in the comments.


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