Wild Weekends!

You would think, since I work during the week, as a writer I would spend my weekends writing. Ha! I thought the same. The last of our kids is sixteen, self-sufficient, drives, does errands, helps around the house and …. she plays tennis.

She loves tennis.

That means the weekends are usually busy with a tournament or lessons.


It has taken her until this past spring to finally find her athletic niche. And it hasn’t been without a wide variety of searching. We’ve tried karate with grappling… that was a blast. Baton twirling with the band… she loved that. And track and field.

The one thing that really stuck was tennis. After six months of working at the sport she has a pretty good grasp of it and is competing in the US Tennis Association tournaments in our area. One thing we have learned… she started late. Most of the girls her age have at least two years of tennis under their belts. They are really good.

But that won’t thwart our kid. She’s only played in two tournaments. The players are, for the most part, much more experienced than she, but it doesn’t phase her. She takes every match as a learning experience. She soaks in their moves and whatever they throw at her, assimilates it and uses it the next time.


Such doggedness is worth taking a lesson from. I started this path to publication late in life. My journey seems so long. This was supposed to be the year I sold a whole book. Sadly, I don’t have a whole book ready to pitch even. I’ve written about five whole books, but none really of the right calibre. The one I’m writing now is really the best, but it’s taking me so long to get written. I’m not discouraged. It is coming along, just as my girl is making great strides in tennis.

Together we’re going to take the ride and have some really wild weekends!!



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