Review – No Good Duke Goes Unpunished by Sarah MacLean

I just finished this book. It arrived around Thanksgiving. Having preordered it months ago, it was my Chanukkah surprise. And what a pleasant one indeed. I got hooked on this series when Louisa Edwards tweeted about Sarah’s first book in the series, A Rogue By Any Other Name. I loved that one and, as the publisher hopes, fell into the well and am enjoying drowning in this historical setting of the Fallen Angel.

Barnes and Nobles

This book was wonderful. The hero, Temple, is blamed for the death of his father’s future wife, Mara Lowe, twelve years earlier. She was a child bride to an old man, but the son unwittingly starts a tryst with her. She uses him to escape a loveless life by faking her death in his bed. When the dead girl shows herself alive to Temple his world shifts as the emotions and feelings assailing him at her reemergence take hold. They had an undeniable attraction all those years ago which still binds them in more ways than her deception.

Mara never planned to come out of hiding, but when the funds she leaves with her brother are gambled away in Temple’s gaming Hell, she has no choice but to try to win them back. Little does the mighty Temple realize that Mara can almost out witt him in any circumstance. She drugs him directly after she reveals herself. He wants nothing more than bring about his absolution and retribution while ruining her for labeling him the Killer Duke for the past decade.

I love the ups and downs Ms. MacLean takes us on in this story.
Mara runs a boarding house for orphaned boys. Temple weedles his way into it and their hearts and hers. I love the clothes fitting scene… so sensual. Then she runs away and he gets to rescue her. Ms. MacLean takes us to the edge of sanity when Mara is dragged into Temples world, the casino, where she doesn’t cower. She fascinates him. He gets duped into fighting Mara’s brother, who ends up stabbing him. That was a big surprise! Worse yet, it looks like Mara might have helped the cur. Temple recovers, barely. In time to reveal her to all of London. But by this time he’s so in love with her, he can’t do it. She takes the bull by the horns and tells the world herself. Then she runs away.

My version sounds so cliché, but the ins and out of discovering what love does to the heart and how wide forgiveness reaches makes a really great story.

Thank you Sarah MacLean for a fantastic book. I can’t wait to read Chase’s story. You dropped enough hints and mysterious clues. How can I NOT preorder this one!



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