Welcome Back to the Weekly Remedy

Let’s see… How long has it been? Umm… Months. What sort of blogger leaves her blog unattended that long? In this case a “too busy to really get into her writing responsibilities” girl. The world is huge and so much going on in it.

I took a vacation with my family to see my mother in Michigan. A great trip for my daughter who has never seen the Great Lakes state. Then I went from a night shift position to a day shift position. That took me several weeks to get accustomed to.

Now I’m ready!

This is the first installment of the weekly remedy.

Last week my husband took a short trip to a nearby big town. On his way he made a little side stop to an herbalist in a very small town. We nickname the sweet man “the witch doctor”. He isn’t a witch and he isn’t odd in any bad way. The man is uncannily correct in so many peculiar ways.

My husband went inside his shop. It is an open room with a few chairs lined up along a wall. The “patient” talks to him at the counter. He told the man I had migraines and has trouble sleeping. That was all he said. Without blinking, the man looked my husband in the eye  and stated:

“She has five kidney stones in her left ureter. She has a crick in her neck and her right arm goes numb when she sleeps. Kidney stones shed during September, October and November.”

My hubby was stunned! So was I when he relayed the story to me. I DO have a crick in my neck and my right arm always gets numb when I sleep. How could he know such implicit details? The man knows thousands of secrets of the human body. I did a brief survey of my coworkers. Everyone had visited the man at some point in their lives. He is the last resort when conventional medicine fails. And he usually fixes the problem!

The prescription for my ailment is 3 oz apricot juice, 3 oz tonic water, a pinch of nutmeg and 3 tablets of Thaumaturge NU-Impose every night for 3 weeks, none for one week and then take them for one last week. I’ve been taking this little concoction for four days and I know my neck isn’t as creeky and my arm didn’t go numb last night!! Hurrah!! Hurrah! I hope this is really going to stick.

NU IMPOSE Vegetarian approved - 180

Secretly I am a naturalist and read and study natural healing remedies. The heroine in a future book is an herb guru. I’m going to seed her book with lots of these little gems. This may be an outlet for the writer in me, but it will also satisfy the  healer that I secretly nurture.

Happy and healthy living!




2 thoughts on “Welcome Back to the Weekly Remedy

  1. If the Dr you were talking about In March, was Dr. Barry Joneshill from Rosebud, he passed away last night. This is heart breaking! We loved him dearly.

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