Weekly Remedy – Fish Oil

I know, we have heard so much about fish oil. But …. too much cannot be said about this awesome supplement. Our bodies use omega 3 fatty acids to reduce inflammation throughout our system. By inflammation I mean any form of swelling. Swelling in our joints, swelling in tissues, swelling in our blood vessels.

I know all the sources state how omega 3’s are beneficial for your heart and your brain. All so true. I want to rave about how fish oil helps the swelling and pain of semi minor arthritis.

I started using fish oil eight years ago. The reason I added it to my family’s supplement regimen was for the heart benefit. It’s other benefits escaped me at the time. If you’ve ever taken fish oil, you know how big the capsules are. Monster big pills. Little did I know those things produced gas. Burping fish oil isn’t all that pleasant, but if you persevere, your body adjusts and the gas ceases. This is the only con to taking fish oil.

The amazing thing I discovered, about two weeks later, was the stiffness in my hands abated. I have mild arthritis and when the humidity rises in this part of the country, my hands swell a little and are stiff and a little achy when I wake up in the morning. Well… after taking fish oil every day the swelling in my hands receded enough for me to get my wedding band back on. What a surprise!

Another benefit, I also noticed my memory at work was so much more acute. I remembered details I didn’t usually recall. I knew it had to be the fish oil. EPA promotes nerve growth and DHA works on the cardiovascular system.

Yes, omega 3’s do all the things the literature claim. The true benefit is when you notice the improvement in your health and well being so quick and finite. This is a must add to one’s daily routine.

Good health and happy living!



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