Weekly Remedy – Vitamin D

Vitamin D isn’t exactly a remedy, but it is something too many of us neglect to add to our diet. Yes, it is added to milk. But how many of us really drink that much milk any more? Our bodies also manufacture Vitamin D from cholesterol when we expose ourselves to the sun. It’s a pretty remarkable phenomenon. Unfortunately, the fear of skin cancer has us masking our bodies from ultraviolet light and with that, preventing this vital nutrient from being produced.

Symptoms of deficiency are vague. Tiredness, general aches and pains. There are a lot of ailments with those symptoms. Advanced cases show more severe aches in the bones.

Vitamin D is vital for the absorption of calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus resulting in  the necessary ingredient for healthy bones. Without it we get rickets.

What? Rickets? Is that still around? You bet!  An ancient disease, but it still happens. How about that.

There is a simple blood test available to test for this nutrient.

And it’s easy to prevent. Spend a small amount of time in the sun, manage to swallow cod liver oil, or take some of those little gelatin capsules of D3 you find in your local health food store. It doesn’t take much, but it’s worth not getting a crippling bone disease.

Hope this little awareness blurb helps. I firmly believe there a few ailments that, when tested would likely show this deficiency.

Hope all your days are healthy and happy.




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