Weekly Remedy – Exercise

Did you know when the blood in your body is pushed throughout all your appendages and your brain you feel better? Your heart pounds hard in your chest and you can hear the rush of blood in your ears. You feel alert, exhilarated and ALIVE. There is a sting inside those muscles so infrequently used and your joints feel an unfamiliar strain. It’s glorious!

Of course that’s only if you’ve been sitting on your behind for the past several months.

Today’s swim found me cruising down the lane. Unlike the last two weeks where I felt like I was swimming against the tide. I finally broke through the proverbial wall we so often find ourselves butting into when we work out. My body finally fell into harmony with the demands I placed on it. You could call it “cruising”. It was nice.

Pushing my body makes me sharper. I can use every bit of sharp I can get.  On an even brighter note, keeping healthy will aid in keeping the nasty flu at bay.

As writers, people who, by the nature of what we do, sit down ALOT, need to get our bodies in motion. It’s a new year. New goals, new dreams.

How are you fighting the stagnant life? And I wish you luck with all your goals.



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