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Weekly Remedy – Sleep!

Let’s spring forward!!

How many of us detest those words. Why do we have to change the time every year? Don’t they know older people struggle with changing our body clock? Of what practical use is moving the clock an hour out of wack? Have they no compassion for the poor souls of the working class required to be at work at 4 o’clock in the morning? Have mercy, powers that be.

This conundrum inspired me to delve into why, what and how we have DST.

Get up (1)

The fault lies with a New Zealand entomologist in 1898. He liked collecting insects after his regular shift work and thought if daylight were extended in the summer it would benefit others as well. He never saw it come about, though.

Germany was the first to use DST in an effort to conserve coal during the war at winter. Britain and most of its allies followed suit. Then, in 1918, the US adopted it. It was abandoned shortly after the war in this country and then reinstituted during the 1970’s during the energy crisis.

I am shocked! This only just started back in the ’70’s! And here I thought this inconvenience had roots deep in early US history. And… that it can be repealed, because it has happened before. DST doesn’t have to be forever!

The remedy for this unavoidable dilemma of life is SLEEP. Go to bed early. Find more snoozes at every opportunity this first week.





Weekly Remedy – Birthdays

Birthdays can be great… until you get to be my age. But this doesn’t have anything to do with my own birthday.

Today is the birthday of my eldest son.

Thirty-four years ago he made me a mom. I am so proud to be his mom. And I can’t believe that much time has passed since the day of his birth. I still see him as a four-year old, then that obnoxious fourteen year old and then graduating from high school. Boy, the time flies when you’re having fun.

All day long I went through my day with a tiny glow knowing that this was the day he was born. I remember the incredible joy of being a mother, of bringing this new life into the world. How we inspected every piece of him, making sure he had all his little parts. He was perfect and healthy and complete. So much emotion and happiness filled me I almost couldn’t sleep. A profound experience for any of us.


Did I mention he is the father to my only grandchild?

Puts Jeremy right up there.

And he’s a lot like his daddy. Full of life and bright and loves Star Wars and super heroes and trucks and electronics. All the things important in this world. I should mention Riley’s mama has a great deal invested in this adventure.

Happy Birthday Jeremy.

I want to remind you all that a birthday, any birthday, is a great excuse for celebration and will always make you smile. A smile is a remedy for any ailment.


Weekly Remedy – Exercise

Did you know when the blood in your body is pushed throughout all your appendages and your brain you feel better? Your heart pounds hard in your chest and you can hear the rush of blood in your ears. You feel alert, exhilarated and ALIVE. There is a sting inside those muscles so infrequently used and your joints feel an unfamiliar strain. It’s glorious!

Of course that’s only if you’ve been sitting on your behind for the past several months.

Today’s swim found me cruising down the lane. Unlike the last two weeks where I felt like I was swimming against the tide. I finally broke through the proverbial wall we so often find ourselves butting into when we work out. My body finally fell into harmony with the demands I placed on it. You could call it “cruising”. It was nice.

Pushing my body makes me sharper. I can use every bit of sharp I can get.  On an even brighter note, keeping healthy will aid in keeping the nasty flu at bay.

As writers, people who, by the nature of what we do, sit down ALOT, need to get our bodies in motion. It’s a new year. New goals, new dreams.

How are you fighting the stagnant life? And I wish you luck with all your goals.



Yes, I’m taking a vacation from the evil day job, but not from writing. Also, I have made a commitment to spend more time on this blog. This is the year for ‘stuff’ to happen. At least I hope it does. We all know we are responsible for our own destinies. This year I take the bull by the horns. (Geez, I’m full of clichés)

Regardless, I started my exercise program already. I swim three times a week. I also walk stairs for twenty minutes. I changed jobs in Aug and my activity level dropped tremendously. The poundage is inching back on, regrettably.


I also bought a yearly planner. It took me two weeks to find one remotely acceptable. Then a sweet writer friend (Dee Carney) set me on the road to an Erin Condren planner. It isn’t here yet, but I can’t wait to start writing in it. In the meantime I’m utilizing a simple notebook to keep track of things. The old planner is now my work planner, which I desperately needed for only work. Thank you Dee for your exuberance!

Erin Condren Planner

This wonderful year I will have my last child graduate high school and I will revise two – 2 – of the manuscripts I have sitting in a Dropbox folder. (That is 2 of several finished works, mind you.) This woman will get it done this year.

I have also run across a marvelous spreadsheet for keeping track of your works, the link landing in my inbox just today, thanks to Babette James. If you are a spreadsheet freak, try this one….

Good luck to all of you in accomplishing your goals this new year. I applaud you, because I know how hard it is to get it done.



Weekly Remedy – It’s called Chicken


My daughter did a favor for a friend. She took in their little puppy for the short time they went out of town. The friend couldn’t believe her mom and dad were on board with it. A puppy? A not house broken, up in the middle of the night, cute as a button and more baby dog.


Who could say no to that little face? Meet Chicken.

No that isn’t a typo. The little girl who owns him calls him Chicken. No idea why, but he really knows his name after a week at my house. He comes when you call him. Comes running with kisses and sharp toothed little puppy nips. Small and full of life and wiggles all soft and cuddly. And when he comes he jingles, because around his neck hangs a little bell. That’s because he can disappear like a roach and we need to be able to find him. “tinkle, tinkle, tinkle”


Gahhh, I’m such a sap. We loved having him.

We didn’t dare let him off that leash outdoors. Chicken thought the grass was a play field in which he could run, and run, and run, and run. That little dog could run fast for something with such short stubby little legs, too. Cooper raced after him the last time he got away and side-swiped him for me, tumbling him end over end. The little thing rolled and lost his bearings enough he laid on his back, puppy paws in the air, long enough for me to scoop him up.



Chicken is also now a traveling pup. He loved looking out the window as the miles flew by. If he wasn’t somebody else’s little guy, we’d have kept him for good.

Cooper might have had something to say about that, though. He spent the afternoons keeping out of Chicken’s reach. That meant sitting on the edge of the bed where stubby little puppy feet couldn’t gain enough purchase to climb up.

Then when Chicken went home, the house silent of his little bell, Cooper laid around looking rather depressed. After all those evasive maneuvers to keep out of Chicken reach, I thought Cooper would be glad to have the house and us to himself. Evidently even bothersome puppies can endear themselves to older canines…

… and old men. My husband misses ole Chicken.


This lovely distraction is just the remedy I needed. A rest from the book that doesn’t seem to want to be finished and shot of pure puppy joy. It’s what we all need.

I hope remedies something with you too.


Weekly Remedy – Vitamin D

Vitamin D isn’t exactly a remedy, but it is something too many of us neglect to add to our diet. Yes, it is added to milk. But how many of us really drink that much milk any more? Our bodies also manufacture Vitamin D from cholesterol when we expose ourselves to the sun. It’s a pretty remarkable phenomenon. Unfortunately, the fear of skin cancer has us masking our bodies from ultraviolet light and with that, preventing this vital nutrient from being produced.

Symptoms of deficiency are vague. Tiredness, general aches and pains. There are a lot of ailments with those symptoms. Advanced cases show more severe aches in the bones.

Vitamin D is vital for the absorption of calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus resulting in  the necessary ingredient for healthy bones. Without it we get rickets.

What? Rickets? Is that still around? You bet!  An ancient disease, but it still happens. How about that.

There is a simple blood test available to test for this nutrient.

And it’s easy to prevent. Spend a small amount of time in the sun, manage to swallow cod liver oil, or take some of those little gelatin capsules of D3 you find in your local health food store. It doesn’t take much, but it’s worth not getting a crippling bone disease.

Hope this little awareness blurb helps. I firmly believe there a few ailments that, when tested would likely show this deficiency.

Hope all your days are healthy and happy.



Weekly Remedy – Fish Oil

I know, we have heard so much about fish oil. But …. too much cannot be said about this awesome supplement. Our bodies use omega 3 fatty acids to reduce inflammation throughout our system. By inflammation I mean any form of swelling. Swelling in our joints, swelling in tissues, swelling in our blood vessels.

I know all the sources state how omega 3’s are beneficial for your heart and your brain. All so true. I want to rave about how fish oil helps the swelling and pain of semi minor arthritis.

I started using fish oil eight years ago. The reason I added it to my family’s supplement regimen was for the heart benefit. It’s other benefits escaped me at the time. If you’ve ever taken fish oil, you know how big the capsules are. Monster big pills. Little did I know those things produced gas. Burping fish oil isn’t all that pleasant, but if you persevere, your body adjusts and the gas ceases. This is the only con to taking fish oil.

The amazing thing I discovered, about two weeks later, was the stiffness in my hands abated. I have mild arthritis and when the humidity rises in this part of the country, my hands swell a little and are stiff and a little achy when I wake up in the morning. Well… after taking fish oil every day the swelling in my hands receded enough for me to get my wedding band back on. What a surprise!

Another benefit, I also noticed my memory at work was so much more acute. I remembered details I didn’t usually recall. I knew it had to be the fish oil. EPA promotes nerve growth and DHA works on the cardiovascular system.

Yes, omega 3’s do all the things the literature claim. The true benefit is when you notice the improvement in your health and well being so quick and finite. This is a must add to one’s daily routine.

Good health and happy living!