Weekly Remedy – Baby Goats!

What is the best thing a body could do to ease stress, relax a little, take your mind off a story for a short while?

…. Why hug a baby goat of course!


Our little farm has two new additions. I knew they were coming, but I didn’t know they were so close. Mama had them like a pro. This is her fourth set of kids, so she has had a good deal of practice.


They are so new steam is still rising off their little bodies. They were all long spindly legs and loud baby bleats.


And toooo cute! The dark headed one is a male and the light-headed one is female. I haven’t named them yet. If you have a suggestion I’m open. No preconceived impressions. They are really scrumptious and soft and cuddly. Because I have cuddled them and they like being held. They are born with a thick, warm layer of hair.


Here’s the little guy. He was up and eating in a heart beat and he looks like he’ll be growing faster than little missy. ‘Cuz he beats her to the mama every time.

She started out with weak little legs. I worried she wouldn’t be able to eat.  That didn’t stop me from jumping in there and holding her so she could eat. Amazing, how quickly she regained her strength. She wobbled all over the place for a day, but it didn’t keep her from eating. I love the determination of new life!

Babies are always a joy. So are dogs and kitties and any pet.

They make you happy!



P.S. I’m looking for names. Leave your suggestions in a comment!


Weekly Remedy – It’s called Chicken


My daughter did a favor for a friend. She took in their little puppy for the short time they went out of town. The friend couldn’t believe her mom and dad were on board with it. A puppy? A not house broken, up in the middle of the night, cute as a button and more baby dog.


Who could say no to that little face? Meet Chicken.

No that isn’t a typo. The little girl who owns him calls him Chicken. No idea why, but he really knows his name after a week at my house. He comes when you call him. Comes running with kisses and sharp toothed little puppy nips. Small and full of life and wiggles all soft and cuddly. And when he comes he jingles, because around his neck hangs a little bell. That’s because he can disappear like a roach and we need to be able to find him. “tinkle, tinkle, tinkle”


Gahhh, I’m such a sap. We loved having him.

We didn’t dare let him off that leash outdoors. Chicken thought the grass was a play field in which he could run, and run, and run, and run. That little dog could run fast for something with such short stubby little legs, too. Cooper raced after him the last time he got away and side-swiped him for me, tumbling him end over end. The little thing rolled and lost his bearings enough he laid on his back, puppy paws in the air, long enough for me to scoop him up.



Chicken is also now a traveling pup. He loved looking out the window as the miles flew by. If he wasn’t somebody else’s little guy, we’d have kept him for good.

Cooper might have had something to say about that, though. He spent the afternoons keeping out of Chicken’s reach. That meant sitting on the edge of the bed where stubby little puppy feet couldn’t gain enough purchase to climb up.

Then when Chicken went home, the house silent of his little bell, Cooper laid around looking rather depressed. After all those evasive maneuvers to keep out of Chicken reach, I thought Cooper would be glad to have the house and us to himself. Evidently even bothersome puppies can endear themselves to older canines…

… and old men. My husband misses ole Chicken.


This lovely distraction is just the remedy I needed. A rest from the book that doesn’t seem to want to be finished and shot of pure puppy joy. It’s what we all need.

I hope remedies something with you too.


Updates Everyone!

Shamefully, it has been several months since I graced my own blog.  It doesn’t mean I haven’t written any blogs, just that the time to spend on this one ran out every time. This is going to change.

I have been running around like a headless chicken for the past several months. Not an entirely unpleasant state, but it keeps a body busy and terribly preoccupied. The spring and summer here have been so wonderful. No extreme heat, lots of rain and mild temps. I’m still writing on the front porch. After my mama left here for the summer, I planted the garden. It is some garden too.

There is a raised garden….


We have tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, more peppers, more tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, okra and green beans.


Peppers just keep coming!


This is the first year I’ve grown okra. It’s fabulously easy and grows like crazy! We eat veggies like crazy this summer.

And then a standard garden with a bunch of weeds.


Then, as if this isn’t enough to keep me busy, we took a little trip to Michigan to visit my mom. It was a blast.


She lives on Lake Huron. It is beautiful and so very different from central Arkansas.



We took Cooper with us. Wouldn’t leave home without him. That water is chilly by the way.

I took the opportunity to take a lot of pictures, too.


The weather vascillated from gray to bright, chilly to warm. We got quite a sampling of the Michigan climate.


We even took in the water sports. Terrifying to this old girl.


Great trip all in all.

We came back to a tennis tournament and all the fun that goes along with that.


Then we moved our next to the youngest child to University of Arkansas for the fall session.

All in all a very busy summer. And I’m ashamed to state I haven’t edited A Forever Heart completely yet.

And next week I start a new job at my work. Will changes never cease?

Editing is primary and blogging WILL ensue.


My Writing Buddy

We all have a special environment in which we like to write. At a desk or on the couch. Outdoors on the porch or locked away from family distractions. Whatever it is, it works for each of us, or we find one that does work finally. Our surroundings all contribute to our productivity in some way or another.

I like to write away from my family when possible. Not always accomplished, but very nice when I do get there. One thing is constant, though. I always have Cooper with me.


Cooper is a Shitzu of two years. He came to us as a puppy and is technically my daughter’s baby. But since I was the one at home caring for him, he took to me like a fish to water. I’m his mamma.

And who couldn’t love that little face?


I know, I know… I have four great kids. I love them all, am proud of their accomplishments. I even have a stunning grandson who really does outshine any pet any day of the week, but….

I love Cooper like one of my kids. He’s always there as I write. He gives me a distraction when I get restless. He helps feed the goats and the chickens providing me endless satisfaction as I watch him race around our farm like a bullet – for about ten minutes. Short legs can only work so long before they tire.


He gives me something to huggle when I get frustrated. I talk to him when I get stuck. I love having this little guy around.

Tell me about your companion. I know you have a cat or a dog, big or small. They give you unconditional support and wonderfully amusing distraction when you need it most.

Thank God for all the little creatures.


It’s Spring! Time for a Fling!

A fling indeed!

Not the one you’d think though! I’ve been so busy enjoying my family and the outdoors I’ve barely set any words to this new WIP (not that it hasn’t been speaking to me, mind you). I am  a grandmother for the first time and my little darling turned one year this past March. I haven’t seen him since he was four months old. So a weekend trip was in order.


Need I say more?

To say the least, this little guy stole our hearts.

To continue the family trend, my mother came to visit for the three days following the weekend trip. That was wonderful, because she cooked dinner every night AND she brought the food with her. Who can turn down such an offering? She’s making her summer migration to the north and cleaned out her fridge in the process. Last week was heaven.

After a particularly strange winter fraught with weather ups and downs and, thankfully, frequent intermittent rains we finally had a weekend to work in the yard. I must note we have a LARGE yard. So, after a cold, wet winter we leaped to the task of mowing and disking and planting.

We have a large place here and put in a garden every year, a small one. The deer have made my garden their dinner table the past four years. I cannot tell you how frustrating that is. We have devised ways to keep them out of the tomatoes, but the beans and cucumbers and spinach and anything in a row have been fair game.

This year I thought I’d try a raised garden as an alternative to the deer decimation problem. Much to my surprise, we had just the thing on our farm to use as a raised bed. Trusses! They have been sitting here for a few years and make the perfect raised garden.

They went from this…


To this….


I may not be sitting at my computer, but this is just as much fun. Granted, I paid for the work in spades later that day, but it was all worth it.

I love spring.


Real Live Stud

I know this a romance author’s blog, but sometimes I have to diversify and give you just a little bit of my real life. I love western anythings and part of that comes from the fact we raise horses on our little spread.

Our newest addition is a little stud colt we affectionately named after my father. My dad was a fighter pilot who passed away year before last and we couldn’t find a better way to honor him than making a name sake out of the astounding little horse.

We call him Colonel Frank.

And he really likes to run… a lot. Which is what he is bred for. Hopefully he can run as fast as my dad could fly.

By the way, that is his mama with him. She is one outstanding mare. She is so good for that little fellow.

Well, I hope this is as much inspiration for you as it is for me. Every time I want to write a western, I take a good look at the horse outside and picture him on the western plains with a real stud riding him.


Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillps

At the mention of Susan Elizabeth Phillips at our local RWA meeting, I asked my friend who she is. Being relatively new to the romance world, this is a name with which I am unfamiliar. All the ladies chimed in what a fabulous author she is. At that I vowed to read one of her books. Which I did.

I set my teeth into Natural Born Charmer and couldn’t put the thing down. SEP writes the most charming dialog. Her characters have spunk and a life all their own. I absolutely loved reading this book.

Chicago Stars Series Book #7

(William Morrow, February 2007)/Avon, May 2008)
Hardcover: ISBN-10: 0060734574
ISBN-13: 978-0060734572
Mass Market Paperback: ISBN-10: 0060734582
ISBN-13: 978-0060734589
Large Print: ISBN-10: 0061233056
ISBN-13: 978-0061233050

Ms. Phillips has created a world where the heroine has her imperfections making her all that more endearing. I love the way she interacts with the studly hero. She keeps him on his toes where he can take nothing for granted. I love the journey Ms. Phillips takes us on with the main characters as well as the secondary ones. Their lives are masterfully interwoven and emotions so beautifully displayed in all instances. I look for that sort of thing when I read a book. I enjoy the experience of the roller coaster and the resolve of the conflict.

Blue Bailey is a wanderer and on a mission to murder her ex when along happens a greek god in an expensive car. She ends up sticking with him, much against her better judgement, having discovered all her funds have been liquidated. Blue isn’t a mooch, but what choice does a girl have?

Dean Robillard is a star football player on a cross-country trip in the mood for something different in his life. When he finds Blue in a beaver suit walking the road, he’s pretty sure he’s found it.

Throw in painting portraits and a Tennessee farm-house with a gypsy wagon along with a few unexpected family members and you have a real adventure.

Of course this is presented in beautifully written prose. This book, though not a new release is well worth the hunt through the library or a used bookstore.

So that is my take on it. Hope this inspires you to delve into something new.