Weekly Remedy – Exercise

Did you know when the blood in your body is pushed throughout all your appendages and your brain you feel better? Your heart pounds hard in your chest and you can hear the rush of blood in your ears. You feel alert, exhilarated and ALIVE. There is a sting inside those muscles so infrequently used and your joints feel an unfamiliar strain. It’s glorious!

Of course that’s only if you’ve been sitting on your behind for the past several months.

Today’s swim found me cruising down the lane. Unlike the last two weeks where I felt like I was swimming against the tide. I finally broke through the proverbial wall we so often find ourselves butting into when we work out. My body finally fell into harmony with the demands I placed on it. You could call it “cruising”. It was nice.

Pushing my body makes me sharper. I can use every bit of sharp I can get.  On an even brighter note, keeping healthy will aid in keeping the nasty flu at bay.

As writers, people who, by the nature of what we do, sit down ALOT, need to get our bodies in motion. It’s a new year. New goals, new dreams.

How are you fighting the stagnant life? And I wish you luck with all your goals.




Yes, I’m taking a vacation from the evil day job, but not from writing. Also, I have made a commitment to spend more time on this blog. This is the year for ‘stuff’ to happen. At least I hope it does. We all know we are responsible for our own destinies. This year I take the bull by the horns. (Geez, I’m full of clichés)

Regardless, I started my exercise program already. I swim three times a week. I also walk stairs for twenty minutes. I changed jobs in Aug and my activity level dropped tremendously. The poundage is inching back on, regrettably.


I also bought a yearly planner. It took me two weeks to find one remotely acceptable. Then a sweet writer friend (Dee Carney) set me on the road to an Erin Condren planner. It isn’t here yet, but I can’t wait to start writing in it. In the meantime I’m utilizing a simple notebook to keep track of things. The old planner is now my work planner, which I desperately needed for only work. Thank you Dee for your exuberance!

Erin Condren Planner

This wonderful year I will have my last child graduate high school and I will revise two – 2 – of the manuscripts I have sitting in a Dropbox folder. (That is 2 of several finished works, mind you.) This woman will get it done this year.

I have also run across a marvelous spreadsheet for keeping track of your works, the link landing in my inbox just today, thanks to Babette James. If you are a spreadsheet freak, try this one….

Good luck to all of you in accomplishing your goals this new year. I applaud you, because I know how hard it is to get it done.



Happy New Year!

Whew! It took me long enough to get here with this post for the new year.

This is the first chance I’ve taken away from all my other New Year’s commitments. Blogging is a priority, but I have to say, the taxes and house take precedence over this wonderful little blog. All the tax info is entered into spreadsheets awaiting the arrival of the W-2’s. The best part of the New Year… I just had a week’s vacation and spent it organizing the kitchen.

After eight years I finally decided to get rid of some furniture and do what is so appropriately called “minimizing”. My daughter was over joyed at the decision, one she has pestered me about for the past couple years. I am so proud of the results. The encouragement of so much order makes me hopeful the following months of my writing will reflect that sort of dedication to organization.

This year I have a 100k contemporary set in a small town of the Midwest I want to finish before the end of July. Then edit it by September or October. I have to rework Maggie’s Find to put her back on the market and I have 3 shorter stories to re-edit and shop them around. For me, this is a full load.

Unfortunately, this bend on neatness and organization does not extend to my desk area. I ran out of steam before I made it to the office area (only inches from where I stopped, mind you). And working one extra day on my first week back to work will give me absolutely no time to give it any attention.  I’ll have to fit it in the next couple of weeks. Lordy, I hope that works.

This would be a dream office for me.

I want to wish all my writer friends a very prosperous and full New Year. I pray you make all your goals and that your families stay healthy and happy and may goodness and peace smile on you. I know you have resolutions, but don’t let a little slip discourage you. We are all trying to juggle fifty things at once. We must allow ourselves some leeway.

Have an awesome New Year!!


Spring Fever

I have the fever. Fever to be outside. Fever to never have to go back to the day job (Ha!). Fever to write the greatest book ever!

I am currently participating in Romance Divas‘ Mentorship program. These ladies and gents are awesome. Once a year they give back selflessly to us fledgling writers. All of it is volunteer (accept for a small fee to discourage the not so serious). These ladies and gents give us their all for three months to help us become the authors we intend to be.

We post our progress on the threads in the forum at RD. I am stalking all of them. I have to say I am terribly intimidated by the talent of the apprentices, not to mention the wisdom of their mentors. Besides taking on my own mentor’s assignments, which are awesome by the way, I find myself consumed with doing the assignments of several of the threads! Instead of working on my WIP last weekend, I spent most of the time studying and practicing the art of writing.

Needless to say, the current WIP is way behind on word count. Well next week, after standing over my teenagers with a whip while we do our ‘honey-does’ around the farm, I hope to get cracking at it.

For now, I wanted to do a formal shout out to the Romance Divas for the efforts they expend in nurturing writers.

Thank you all!


What I Expect of Me in 2012

I am later than most of my colleagues at posting goals for the coming year. That by no means indicates I haven’t made goals. Quite the opposite. I have churned and chewed all the things I want to accomplish and finally they are whittled into concise order. There are so many things I want to accomplish, but life only permits so much time in which to do them. Considering my job and my family and our growing responsibilities on our little farm…. we added goats to the mix and just purchased a buck. Kids will no doubt follow in the spring and my nanny will need to be milked and there is another duty added to my long list. Any way, I believe I have a doable set of goals mapped out for this year.

1. Sub the Margie’s Find Novella by June. (It should be finished and polished by then.)

2. I am rewriting the Filly story and hope to have it ready by the end of the year.

3. Write at least 2 short stories, maybe 3.

4. Make one conference – Preferably the Missouri one in July

5. Enter a couple of writing contests.

I want to publish at least one thing this year. Many think this is a small goal, but it takes me so long polish a piece for sale at this point in my life. If I can get it sold, I’d be so happy!

Compared to last year’s unattainable list this is so relaxing to contemplate.

I write very slowly lately. A curse I hope to correct in the following months. As I put the words to the paper, I find them coming easier and in better order. Ahhhh… just a bit of saddle time is all I require. Balancing my family life with work and writing is evening itself out and creating far less conflict now that a new schedule of work days is established. I work nights three days of the week and it is all I can do to just  get to work and come home and sleep. It’s all becoming a seamless routine.

I’d love to see what my fellow writers are doing this year. Link me to your site through the comment field so I can marvel at your accomplishments at the end of the year. Good luck to all of you as we start another fantastic year in the industry of words.


I Sold A Story!!!

Today I have the distinct privilege and joy of writing about the news I have so longed to announce on my own blog…

I sold a story!….umm. That makes me a published authoress! An achievement to which I have deigned to aspire since the day I realized I was really writing a whole book and perhaps publishing was a worthy goal.

I can’t believe it. I submitted a short love story and the editor liked it. Someone else really liked it. I know I thought it was great, but what does the world care what I think? That story is my baby. I have to love it. Now the world can find out how great it is.

It will appear in  Cleis’s Anthology, Cowboy Love. The story is titled “Caught Unawares” by Nena Clements. I can’t remember the projected release date, but it will be in 2012.

And… I need to thank all the many writerly friends I have come to know this past year who have helped and pushed and bolstered my confidence in this final goal. You rock Rats!!
Nena (legitimate author)

Day Late and…. don’t want to go there

I’m just posting to let the world know I really haven’t fallen off. The only writing I did last week was post a blog about a book I loved. The remainder of the week was spent on the coast of Alabama attending my son’s wedding. It was a blast and so much fun. I’ve never been to the beach before. This was so different from everything we’ve ever done before.

I took tons of pictures. Though there was no time for the written word, my creative outlet still flowed like crazy. I saw so many photo ops, and took them. It will be forever before I get these pictures all up. I also have a photo album I want to print for my son and his wife.

This coming week I must finish editing Buried Treasure to get it to a crit partner.

That is enough said for the week.