Weekly Remedy – Sleep!

Let’s spring forward!!

How many of us detest those words. Why do we have to change the time every year? Don’t they know older people struggle with changing our body clock? Of what practical use is moving the clock an hour out of wack? Have they no compassion for the poor souls of the working class required to be at work at 4 o’clock in the morning? Have mercy, powers that be.

This conundrum inspired me to delve into why, what and how we have DST.

Get up (1)

The fault lies with a New Zealand entomologist in 1898. He liked collecting insects after his regular shift work and thought if daylight were extended in the summer it would benefit others as well. He never saw it come about, though.

Germany was the first to use DST in an effort to conserve coal during the war at winter. Britain and most of its allies followed suit. Then, in 1918, the US adopted it. It was abandoned shortly after the war in this country and then reinstituted during the 1970’s during the energy crisis.

I am shocked! This only just started back in the ’70’s! And here I thought this inconvenience had roots deep in early US history. And… that it can be repealed, because it has happened before. DST doesn’t have to be forever!

The remedy for this unavoidable dilemma of life is SLEEP. Go to bed early. Find more snoozes at every opportunity this first week.




Welcome Back to the Weekly Remedy

Let’s see… How long has it been? Umm… Months. What sort of blogger leaves her blog unattended that long? In this case a “too busy to really get into her writing responsibilities” girl. The world is huge and so much going on in it.

I took a vacation with my family to see my mother in Michigan. A great trip for my daughter who has never seen the Great Lakes state. Then I went from a night shift position to a day shift position. That took me several weeks to get accustomed to.

Now I’m ready!

This is the first installment of the weekly remedy.

Last week my husband took a short trip to a nearby big town. On his way he made a little side stop to an herbalist in a very small town. We nickname the sweet man “the witch doctor”. He isn’t a witch and he isn’t odd in any bad way. The man is uncannily correct in so many peculiar ways.

My husband went inside his shop. It is an open room with a few chairs lined up along a wall. The “patient” talks to him at the counter. He told the man I had migraines and has trouble sleeping. That was all he said. Without blinking, the man looked my husband in the eye  and stated:

“She has five kidney stones in her left ureter. She has a crick in her neck and her right arm goes numb when she sleeps. Kidney stones shed during September, October and November.”

My hubby was stunned! So was I when he relayed the story to me. I DO have a crick in my neck and my right arm always gets numb when I sleep. How could he know such implicit details? The man knows thousands of secrets of the human body. I did a brief survey of my coworkers. Everyone had visited the man at some point in their lives. He is the last resort when conventional medicine fails. And he usually fixes the problem!

The prescription for my ailment is 3 oz apricot juice, 3 oz tonic water, a pinch of nutmeg and 3 tablets of Thaumaturge NU-Impose every night for 3 weeks, none for one week and then take them for one last week. I’ve been taking this little concoction for four days and I know my neck isn’t as creeky and my arm didn’t go numb last night!! Hurrah!! Hurrah! I hope this is really going to stick.

NU IMPOSE Vegetarian approved - 180

Secretly I am a naturalist and read and study natural healing remedies. The heroine in a future book is an herb guru. I’m going to seed her book with lots of these little gems. This may be an outlet for the writer in me, but it will also satisfy the  healer that I secretly nurture.

Happy and healthy living!



It’s Spring! Time for a Fling!

A fling indeed!

Not the one you’d think though! I’ve been so busy enjoying my family and the outdoors I’ve barely set any words to this new WIP (not that it hasn’t been speaking to me, mind you). I am  a grandmother for the first time and my little darling turned one year this past March. I haven’t seen him since he was four months old. So a weekend trip was in order.


Need I say more?

To say the least, this little guy stole our hearts.

To continue the family trend, my mother came to visit for the three days following the weekend trip. That was wonderful, because she cooked dinner every night AND she brought the food with her. Who can turn down such an offering? She’s making her summer migration to the north and cleaned out her fridge in the process. Last week was heaven.

After a particularly strange winter fraught with weather ups and downs and, thankfully, frequent intermittent rains we finally had a weekend to work in the yard. I must note we have a LARGE yard. So, after a cold, wet winter we leaped to the task of mowing and disking and planting.

We have a large place here and put in a garden every year, a small one. The deer have made my garden their dinner table the past four years. I cannot tell you how frustrating that is. We have devised ways to keep them out of the tomatoes, but the beans and cucumbers and spinach and anything in a row have been fair game.

This year I thought I’d try a raised garden as an alternative to the deer decimation problem. Much to my surprise, we had just the thing on our farm to use as a raised bed. Trusses! They have been sitting here for a few years and make the perfect raised garden.

They went from this…


To this….


I may not be sitting at my computer, but this is just as much fun. Granted, I paid for the work in spades later that day, but it was all worth it.

I love spring.


Gotta Keep that Heart Pumping!!

As a romance writer I know all about the heart pumping away. It’s what makes us all hot and bothered. (I love hot and bothered.) But…..

On a practical note, it also keeps us healthy and fit – if we take excellent care of it. I am not a fitness fanatic, but I am somewhat of a health fanatic. I work in the medical field in my day job and I know how important it is to keep my body healthy. If we don’t take a proactive approach to our health and bodies we will end up sick and out of shape. I want to keep my mind sharp and the best way I know to do that is to keep my body awake and mobile. It sort of connects don’t you think? The brain is firing with all sorts of ideas and bunnies because all those muscles are moving making the blood flow … back to the BRAIN!

Sorry. Tangent there.

Personally, I do a thirty minute elliptical exercise daily with some Pilates or Yoga a few times a week. It’s about all my older body will handle. (Hate aging. So debilitating) But! exercise really does keep me moving.

This brings me to an awesome little find. I was watching the weekend Today show just after New Years and Jenna Wolfe put forth a very minimal exercise routine for all of us office rats. Sitting in a chair is of dire importance for word count and finishing that breakout novel.

I have done these exercises so they are totally doable. No excuses and they don’t take any space just a little time. That is no excuse either. We all have to take a break every hour, don’t we?

Click on the link and Jenna will give the whole run down. Remember now… you have to keep that heart pumping to get your brain really engaged.

I am sorely lacking in skills to get this to embed.  Here is the link that gives you the video. Very easy and straight forward.

Just do it! (To borrow a phrase.)

And happy writing in your new, fit body!!


Spring Fever

I have the fever. Fever to be outside. Fever to never have to go back to the day job (Ha!). Fever to write the greatest book ever!

I am currently participating in Romance Divas‘ Mentorship program. These ladies and gents are awesome. Once a year they give back selflessly to us fledgling writers. All of it is volunteer (accept for a small fee to discourage the not so serious). These ladies and gents give us their all for three months to help us become the authors we intend to be.

We post our progress on the threads in the forum at RD. I am stalking all of them. I have to say I am terribly intimidated by the talent of the apprentices, not to mention the wisdom of their mentors. Besides taking on my own mentor’s assignments, which are awesome by the way, I find myself consumed with doing the assignments of several of the threads! Instead of working on my WIP last weekend, I spent most of the time studying and practicing the art of writing.

Needless to say, the current WIP is way behind on word count. Well next week, after standing over my teenagers with a whip while we do our ‘honey-does’ around the farm, I hope to get cracking at it.

For now, I wanted to do a formal shout out to the Romance Divas for the efforts they expend in nurturing writers.

Thank you all!


It’s Summer

Summer is here.

With our season change, I am having to balance a few new influences in my day. Both my kids are home from school at the moment. I am now bombarded with a ton of new outdoor activities and distractions. I ride my horse every morning when not working and trips to town have multiplied now that the kids find new needs and wants. We now have visits to the water park a couple times a week as well. I won’t try to explain how much grass there is around our place… mowing. Oh, and then we seem to take a trip on the weekend. That is always fun! Can you see where this is going?

Then there are all those animals we have that I enjoy visiting everyday. Feeding the chickens and gathering eggs is especially enjoyable. The goats attract my attention every time  I step out the door. Just throw a bit of grain at them and give them a rub and I’m instantly liked. I haven’t even mentioned all our kitties… kittens and mama cats, all requiring a hefty rub and a hug. When out with the horses, they all get some sort of greeting. What I’m trying to say is, all this takes up a section of time. Time I used to use to write.

There is no mention of our newest family member. A shitz tsu puppy. He is the most charming creature on the planet and potty training is time consuming.

Summer is the time of year we do repairs. Nice weather and time means fix ups. Well my  schedule is now open . That also means another few trips into town for something else.

Well, all these necessities have put a dent in writing time. I’m not fretting over the underwordage I’m incurring. Everybody needs a break and I am certainly numbering myself amongst the needy. This is the first time in my life that I’ve been home during the day with my kids, though. I really like it. My work schedule always prohibited it in the past. I work nights now and am home four days in a row. I feel like I am truly having a summer vacation.

So I don’t really worry about not writing as much as my conservative goals stipulated. I’m going to enjoy my family and our farm and get done what gets done. The summer is a time to enjoy family and frolic and sit back and relax. I intend to do just all that.