Let’s Fix It!

I love to write. God only knows why. But I really get a kick out of it. I don’t do it very well… yet. I’ll get there, though. I just need to keep up with the “saddle time”. This is term I used when learning to ride my horse.

I didn’t start riding until I was almost 40 years old. Goes to prove you really can teach an old dog new tricks. I just needed to spend a lot of time in the saddle. I took that horse out every day. Rode him all over our pasture, through trees, through tall grass and learned to stay on his back after a few well placed buck-offs. It just took time.

I approach writing in the same light. Write every day. Practice, practice, practice. I read A LOT and read a ton of craft books and collect craft websites like designer beads. The most recent acquisition is an editing site. There are a few out there, but this is a good one for me.

It has number of great features even for those of us too cheap to pay the fee. The one I use heavily right now is the over used words feature. After my mentor returned a chapter to me with several over used words highlighted, I discovered eliminating those words altered the sentence structure for the better. Who would’ve thought!


Lots of pretty colors there.

I know, I know… I probably should have learned this trick a year or so ago. Just because you can teach an old dog new tricks doesn’t mean she learns them right away.

Better late than never. Thank goodness!!



Progress Report

I’ve decided my Monday’s will have to be the days I post something of my progress in the projects underway. This is my attempt to get into a regular blogging habit, something I have neglected horribly over the last year.

This year is the year to learn my craft with vehemence.

The third week of the Scrivener class is completed and all the assignments completed. This is Gwen Hernandez’s Scrivener class. One more week and we’ll be finished. The exercises are enlightening and I’ve used everything. I recommend this course for any serious writer.

The progress on the mentor apprenticeship is the first chapter is sent to my mentor and awaiting her evaluation. Special attention is to made on deep POV, as this is a very weak area of my writing. I am now plotting and writing chapter 2.

Also, I’m starting another class through RWA on building great characters, which I believe is a weakness of mine at the moment. Looking forward to that.

I forgot!! I have edited the New Year’s Eve story to chapter 5. I hope to pitch this story this June.


I Still Live Here

Oh I should be noodle whipped and flower flogged. My intent to visit my own blog once a week has sorely been forgotten. I have updates on things and this poor site is needy, very needy.

I am part of Romance Divas’ Apprentice program for the next few months. I have been assigned a wonderful mentor who is whipping me into shape. If you want to follow progress you can find us at this thread:

I am getting into deep POV,  a very weak area for me. Jadette is also putting me through the drill of establishing GMC or better known as Goal, Motivation, Conflict. I have a huge mental block to this area. For some reason I can’t just name these areas in my manuscript, but if I learn how I’m sure the story will be so much better and the conflict stronger. My appreciation for Jadette’s patience is immense. Thanks to her coaxing and gentle nudging the couple pages of a makeshift story I sent her now has real bones to it and the characters are talking up a storm to me. I have muscle to lay down now.

The first chapter of Silent Heart is underway as we speak, soon to be in Jadette’s hands by week’s end.

Until next week.