Day Late and…. don’t want to go there

I’m just posting to let the world know I really haven’t fallen off. The only writing I did last week was post a blog about a book I loved. The remainder of the week was spent on the coast of Alabama attending my son’s wedding. It was a blast and so much fun. I’ve never been to the beach before. This was so different from everything we’ve ever done before.

I took tons of pictures. Though there was no time for the written word, my creative outlet still flowed like crazy. I saw so many photo ops, and took them. It will be forever before I get these pictures all up. I also have a photo album I want to print for my son and his wife.

This coming week I must finish editing Buried Treasure to get it to a crit partner.

That is enough said for the week.



Can’t Seem to Keep Up – ROW 80

It just dawned on me this is the mid-week update and I haven’t even posted the Sunday update. I don’t have a valid excuse except that I started my vacation on Friday and that means of course that everything routine flew out of my head the moment I hit the house. Oh, and my son is getting married this coming weekend and all thoughts are projected to the upcoming trip.

I didn’t get it all done last week. I did manage to edit chapter 2 of Buried Treasure. No blog and no other real words… unless you count an addition to a scene of Filly of about 800 words so far.

This week I edited the final draft of the first couple chapters of Filly to submit to a contest and sent it off. That will be all I can manage at this point.

See you all next week.


I Might get something done update – ROW 80

This week was a full work week. Four 12 hour night shifts didn’t leave much time for writing and writerly deeds.

I did manage to blog about a fantastic weekend. It was a loooong blog stuffed with pictures so I would like to count it as two blogs. I can do that too, since I set my own bar here.

I managed to edit three pages of Buried Treasure and read a friend’s book for comments to her publisher. That was the best part of the week. Also did three critiques for my critique group this weekend.

On the whole, not a bad week all in all.


Checking in late.

Had a vacation weekend so this didn’t get posted yesterday. I didn’t really do what I planned to do last week. No edits were done on the Buried Treasure story, but I did get about 3K written on a holiday short story. I would have written almost the whole thing had there been time.

Working on getting the edits started this week and still writing the holiday short. I have to do a read of a friend’s book for comments. It’s a great read, so must finish it.

That is all I can handle at the moment.


ROW 80

This week’s update looks  dismal compared to last week’s accomplishments. I wrote a whopping 755 words on a holiday short story. To justify it all, though I worked a 6 day week and managed to keep my head above water at least.

This next week the kids start school and despite another 6 day work week, I intend to log at least 1k into that short and post 2 blogs for which all the pictures are already uploaded. I feel like a wave of organization may have over taken me all of a sudden. I will start editing Buried Treasure this week as well. *Fingers crossed* for accomplishing all this.

Desperately trying to fool my husband into thinking writing isn’t all as important as it really is. He believes it is an obsession. It may be, but the ONLY way to write well is to obsess about it and practice writing your fingers to a nub. I like to call it “saddle time”. Planning on putting a great deal of saddle time this week.

This coming weekend I’m attending a writer’s meeting in Branson, Missouri. It will be great fun and very informative. Can’t wait.

That is all from my camp.



Midweek ROW 80

I’m still here. Haven’t written much for this week, but have done some writerly things.

I submitted a short story for an anthology. That was a brave undertaking, being as I have nothing published as of yet. I’ll see what happens with this. I sent Chapter 1 and 2 of Filly to my critique partner, finally. I have been learning how to do website banners in the mean time. This site needs a major over haul and a little more attention than I have been giving it.

I have come up with a short story for a holiday free reads with a group of writers to which I belong. I hope to set the first words to paper on Friday after my work stint is over. (I work nights 12 hr shifts.)

And that is all.