A New Inspiration

I just had to write about this.

I discovered a new television series a few months ago called “Justified”. It comes on FX I believe. We don’t have cable or satellite, only rabbit ears so our choices in shows is limited. Perusing the choices on Netflix, I stumbled across this show and rented it. I chose it for my husband, but little did I know I would just love the show. With the plethora of police shows being produced astounds me. That some have a run of almost twenty years is equally as flabbergasting. This show beats them all if you ask me. It is the police meets the unorthodox lives of country ner-do-wells.

It’s a police show set in the hills of Kentucky. The setting is rife with scenarios of back-hills feuds and rivalries and at the center of it all is one beautiful man.

Timothy Olyphant plays Raylan Givens,

a DeputyUS Marshall with several character flaws that makie him a believable, realistic and endearing hero. Not to mention his beautiful good looks.

I love a hero like Raylan. He is strong and fearless, but all too human. He has heart. I swear the next hero I write will likely be very much like Raylan Givens.

Aside from the our lickalicious hero, we have an assortment of antagonists reeking havoc in the hollers and hills of Harlan, Kentucky.  They are involved in family feuds rivaling the Chicago mafia. Countrified drug deals and killings. I hate to say it, but it is a refreshing look at the common crimes. One of the bad guys is almost beguiling.

One last look…

One last word… being a self proclaimed western lover, I love Raylan’s signature hat.