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Anyone Need to Learn about Guns?

The RWA chapter to which I belong strives to hold meaningful lessons on craft every month. We all write about guns to some extent. Some of our members don’t have a great deal of experience with how a firearm feels at discharge or in your hand. Our October session was a conceal carry class. This was great opportunity for me to bond with one of my kids. I took my son. He just turned twenty-one and needed to get his CCL, being that he enjoys shooting guns and would like to carry legally.

It’s this one.

DSC_0165That is shyness. He isn’t too thrilled about being on camera, but tough beans. His mama likes to make a visual record of everything.

Since he goes to school a few hours away I love seeing him. And making pictures of him.                DSC_0174The class was taught by two police officers. While the one gave proper hand placement on a pistol.


The other one fingerprinted all the participants.

DSC_0184 Ben looks so enthused (not). But he found somebody he could relate with. Dara’s hubby is a great guy!     DSC_0160

DSC_0181 One of our lovely DSRA members hosted us in her beautiful home. Her husband welcomed us  .





And few bright faces from our group. We all came with family.

We finally got to go outside and dry shoot our weapons and practice the proper techniques for holding and standing.

DSC_0213           DSC_0206

After this practice we took our skills to the shooting range.


DSC_0227 There was a lot of standing around and chewing the fat.


I’ve had my CCL for several years, but I’m not very comfortable with using my weapon. This class was an awesome refresher and gave me some confidence I was missing.



A very nice group of people. Thanks for the comradery!