What’s In the Works

I write sweet romance in the genres of Historical and Contemporary. Here are a few projects I’m working on.

I am currently working on finishing (edit stage) of a western historical titled Taming a Wild Filly. It is at 63k at the moment, but I expect to add another 7k before it is finished. Just love this story of an arranged marriage and how he woos the cautious and trepidatious Rose. I would really like to sell this book.

I have another western historical, To Win a Texan’s Heart, that needs to be edited. It is a full length novel.

I have a contemporary in the very rough stage of 50k with many holes. It was my NanoWriMo project. The plot is complete but for some of the romance arcs. I hope to get on this at the end of the year sometime.

I am plotting a new shiny contemporary western. The working title is Wild Ride. The heroine is an endurance rider who has to have the help of the hero, a real life cowboy. The clashes in their personalities and their horsemanship styles makes for wonderful conflict to a mild mystery. Can’t wait to start writing on it.

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